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We provide independent financial planning and investment advice for private individuals, families

and trustees. Our clients often engage us for support during pivotal moments in their lives.

We’ve worked with numerous business owners in the build-up to a sale and during the transaction. We provide financial advice at each stage to allow clients to focus on a successful transaction, without being distracted by other important decisions.

We understand the stresses that come with selling a business, but also the opportunities for planning, which will be lost when the business is sold. We help clients with the administration of ensuring accounts are open and ready to receive the proceeds and plan for the longer term.

Business Sale

The Allonby + Partners team uses years of expertise to gain a clear understanding of your current assets and pensions. We understand the value of a clear plan for managing the transition from earning to relying on savings. We review your current assets, how they are invested, as well as making best use of pension rules. We work with you to appreciate your income requirements in the future and design a plan to meet your needs.


Our team sensitively supports any financial issues that arise during the divorce process

to assist the smooth division of assets. We support clients to ensure a long-term view

is taken to rebuild financial plans.


We provide advice on the issue of inheritance planning; a topic that some families find difficult to confront and can appear complex. This includes guidance on the latest legal implications

of inheritance tax and working closely with both generations affected.

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